Geeky Gatherings creates the best events in time and space! We provide event planning services to create exciting and unique theme events by channeling our client’s passions. It is important to us to have a friendly and open atmosphere. We welcome any and all nerdy and geeky passions to celebrate.

Danny Sarelas

Danny Sarelas co-founded Geeky Gatherings in July of 2016.  As the former Editor-In-Chief of the website of a Chicago based Geek Bar, Danny has developed a passion for knowing and helping organize nerdy events around the city.  It began as a simple interest, but eventually built into a passion to know all of the nerdy events that are happening around the city.  There came a day when that wasn’t enough, though.  He wanted; nay, needed to host events going forward.  Danny thus began creating events with Nicole and the rest is history.

Danny’s biggest fandom is for video games.  Retro and Indie titles in particular are his forte, so don’t ask him about Earthbound unless you have a good half hour to spare.  Of course this brought with it a passion for Star Wars, anything Comic book related, and many other nerddoms.  Current fandom obsession is Rick and Morty.