Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It's been a busy couple of months but we'd like to update you on where we're at.

We celebrated the Valor Con After Party at Headquarters Beercade in River North, which included several game designers presenting their games. There was Cards Against Humanities, Ironrise Games, The Nerdologues and more in attendance and it was great to see everyone coming out after Valor Con, a local and growing con celebrating gaming of all kinds.

Geeky Gatherings celebrated our official Launch Party in October, and we're grateful to everyone who came and helped us formally launch our organization! We had the pleasure of hosting it at Uptown Underground and included a performance by Acrobatica Inifiniti, a local circus cosplay group.


Also at our launch party, we had the pleasure of hosting The Superbytes from Omaha, Nebraska. A chip tune band that uses an old Nintendo system to mix tunes from Pokemon and more into their music. It was a unique chance to be able to host them and we're glad they were able to join us!

Last but certainly not least, a private birthday party made for Star Wars and Holiday fun! A Star Wars and holiday themed birthday hosted at a local board game shop, Dice Dojo, we had a great time at Star Wars Episode XXV. Including Star Wars gingerbread men, light saber colored drinks and a Wookie yell contest, it was a great hit all around! The guest of honor arrived in full Shaak Ti costume.


And if you're excited for Star Wars, we've got an upcoming public event! Also hosted at Headquarters Beercade in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, join us to celebrate the release of Rogue One.

No Match for a Good Blaster - Rogue One Launch Party

Wednesday, December 14 at 7 pm

Headquarters Beercade, 213 W. Institute Place, Chicago IL 60610

Join us at this FREE event with Light Saber Fights, themed drinks, a raffle and more!

Check out the Facebook event.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, and may the force be with you! We will see you in a couple weeks.

Ser Michael's Royal Tourney

We had a great time hosting a Game of Thrones themed birthday party, where intrigue and betrayal was the game of the night and you had to survive the night alive.

The highlight of the party (and the most work!) was the Iron Throne photo booth. This was hand constructed out of thick foam core covered in spray paint. It was painstakingly cut out and the details hand painted, then constructed out of additional pieces of foam core attached to a wire patio chair. It was a 10+ hour project, but well worth it!

We had a selection of appetizers, including hand-carved chicken and recipes from the Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook. We served delicious sweetcorn fritters from King's Landing, stuffed peppers from Dorne, and of course Sansa's lemon cakes.

Drinks included a wide variety of specialty house drinks. Fire whiskey for Targaryen, goldschlager for the Lannisters, and an assortment of alcohols and mixed shots. 

The finishing touch was the game of survival. As one knows, any celebration in Westeros often ends in fatalities. As guests arrived, they selected a house allegiance and started off with three "lives" (or more, if they arrived in costume and/or brought alcohol!). Throughout the night, we followed the story line of A Song of Ice and Fire and events would occur, either awarding life or taking it away. For example, at The Red Wedding, Tully lost a life, Stark lost two lives, and Bolton and Lannister gained a life.

There was also an element of chance. Throughout the evening the soundtrack was playing, and anytime the main theme played, three random houses lost a life. At the end of the night, whoever was left with the most life was awarded a lovely Hodor doorstop.

Ser Michael had a great time and a great birthday, dressing as Jamie Lannister and sitting regal atop the Iron Throne. Find more images on our Events page and the full album on our Facebook page. Keep an eye on our blog for more upcoming events and happenings!

How to Make Your Party Sparkle

Thinking of hosting a themed party? Here are the fundamentals you should think about to make it great!

1) Theme

You should always be excited about the theme you pick! If not, then what's the point?! There are a couple other things to think about though. For example, Cinderella is too narrow, while Disney is very broad, but Disney Princesses allows for just enough flexibility for both you and your guests. And if you absolutely love Doctor Who but your friends don't watch BBC, you probably won't get a ton of fabulous TARDIS dresses at your party. Be sure it's something your guests will enjoy too! 

2) Food

The food can be as simple or as complicated as you would like. You can quickly decorate pizzas with pepperoni to make it distinctive, or you can spend hours decorating cake balls to look like Pokeballs - it's completely up to you and how much work you want to put in. If it is a party for adults, specialty cocktails and/or shots are definitely an option as well! 

3) Music

The ambiance is always set by the music. Some themes easily lend themselves to picking out music - Broadway, for example, is a simple playlist to put together. Themes with soundtracks or eras, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pride & Prejudice, can be easier to get a soundtrack for. Others that are book-based or more obscure might be more difficult to get a playlist together, but think of what you want the feel of the party to be (pumped up, relaxed?) and browse Spotify for all kinds of mood playlists to get you started.

4) Decor

Like the food, the decor can be as simple or as involved as you would like. Crepe paper and tablecloths quickly brighten up a room - while hand painted photo booth props add an extra sparkle to your party. 

5) One or two more special touches

Whether that's a costume contest, a viewing party, a murder mystery, a game, or activity of some kind, guests love interacting with the theme and being a part of it. Offering a prize for the best costume is one of the easiest ways to encourage guests to dress the part. Having a photo booth that showcases those costumes is even better! 


These are the very beginnings of what make a themed party great, and a springboard for you to start brainstorming and adding on to!